How the Golden State Warriors can improve their roster after the trade deadline Body
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How the Golden State Warriors can improve their roster after the trade deadline Body

Let’s explore how the team plans to oyunu the remainder of the season

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Before the trade deadline on Thursday, there were numerous rumors surrounding the Golden State Warriors regarding potential trades, but none materialized. Aside from trading reserve guard Cory Joseph, the Warriors did not take significant steps to improve their roster before the playoffs. This left many fans and experts puzzled. Why did the Golden State miss the opportunity to strengthen their team at a crucial point in the season? What consequences might this have for the team in the current playoffs and in the long term? Let’s explore how the team plans to oyunu the remainder of the season.

Why did the Warriors reject trades?

The Warriors did explore options to bolster the team before the playoffs. According to reports, they expressed interest in Kelly Olynyk and engaged in negotiations with the Bulls for a potential trade involving Alex Caruso. However, these deals did not materialize – Olynyk joined the Raptors, and the Warriors refused to include Jonathan Kuminga in the deal with the Bulls. There was also consideration for a trade involving Andrew Wiggins, but the teams could not agree on the terms.

Ultimately, the Warriors’ management decided that potential newcomers would not strengthen the team enough to justify parting with young promising players. After Draymond Green’s return, the Warriors demonstrated excellent form, winning five out of six recent games. This convinced the management that the current roster is competitive enough, and reinforcing the team at the expense of weakening the bench did not make sense. In the end, the management preferred to maintain the established balance and compete for the title in the current form.

How can the team get better?

Despite modest results in the regular season, the Warriors have a good chance of succeeding in the playoffs. With Draymond Green back after suspension, the team’s defense has significantly improved, entering the top 5 in this category. Green sets the tone for the entire team with his leadership. The trio of Kuminga-Wiggins-Green has also shown strong performance, significantly boosting the team’s offense.

Stephen Curry can still explode for 40+ points in any game. Chris Paul’s imminent return from injury is expected to bring stability and experience, instilling confidence in the team for the playoffs. The question remains about Klay Thompson, who has been moved to the bench. If he can regain his form from a couple of years ago, the Warriors will become a formidable opponent for any team. Thus, despite a quiet trade deadline, the team has all the cards to contend for top positions in the playoffs.

Buyout options for the Warriors

There are several interesting players on the buyout market, such as Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Lowry. However, the Warriors cannot sign anyone above an average level due to luxury tax limitations. Nevertheless, there are more modest targets. Otto Porter Jr. has already proven his compatibility with the team, helping win the last title. Sharpshooters like Danilo Gallinari, Seth Curry, and Thaddeus Young could also be beneficial.

Robin Lopez could add the necessary size and rebounds. None of these names are star players, but they can serve as good insurance in case of injuries to key players or strengthen the rotation in crucial matches. As the Warriors’ depth is already strong, buyouts are more likely to provide depth than to significantly change the roster. However, this can play a crucial role in the playoffs, where every reinforcement on the bench is valued highly.


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Despite inactivity at the trade deadline, the Golden State Warriors have all the chances for a successful performance in this season’s playoffs. The return of key players from injuries, strong form from team leaders, and bench depth all contribute to the team’s high expectations.

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