The 21st century online casino industry is so remarkably successful that it probably won’t be long until it starts bringing in more revenue each year than the brick and mortar casino industry managed in its whole lifetime. That might sound a bit optimistic, but honestly, it’s the truth! The online slot industry is a driving force in all of this of course, however more recently the live casino market is also ensuring that the overall online casino world is expanding at an even faster rate. 

The main people that us gamblers have to thank for this are the various online slot developers and live casino providers that are making it consistently easier to sink your teeth into these demo slots online games. Ezugi is one of the newest such providers, and they are already supplying some quality games across the casino sphere. But is Ezugi making slots online? We suggest you keep reading to find out! 

Ezugi: A general overview 

So, who are Ezugi? As with the several other fairly new online casino companies, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all the new developments, so let’s take a look at a basic Ezugi overview. Established in 2012, Ezugi are global live casino specialists who were formed by a tightknit group of casino industry veterans, which explains how they have risen in popularity so quickly.

Just like Evolution Gaming, a company that actually acquired Ezugi in 2018, Ezugi are predominantly concerned with the world of live casino, a part of the market that is rapidly expanding in size and revenue. Ezugi pride themselves on a highly customizable user interface, and also providing the crème-de-la-crème of live dealers and live casino games. 

Is Ezugi making slots online? 

Here’s a question that is bound to be on a lot of people’s lips: is Ezugi making slots online? Quite surprisingly, the answer is no, as Ezugi are part of a new breed of online casino companies that have opted to focus exclusively on the assurgent live casino world. 

But who knows, maybe some day we will see Ezugi making online slots as well as live casino games… 

Best things about Ezugi games 

Ezugi have only been operating for the last 8 years, however they have already gained a very firm foothold in the industry, which means they must be doing something right, doesn’t it? Here are a few of the best things about Ezugi games: 

·International versatility: Ezugi are a truly worldwide gambling company, and a key example of this is with their live casino games, that cater to all kinds of different audiences from around the world.

·Device compatibility: Right from the start Ezugi were committed to making sure their services could be accessed from any device, something they have stuck with in the years since. 

Here are the top Ezugi games

That’s a basic round-up of Ezugi, now for some of their best and most popular games: 

·Hybrid Blackjack

·Live Keno

·OTT Andar Bahar

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